What To Expect

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are first-contact practitioners with highly developed clinical reasoning skills, able to provide thorough assessments and diagnosis. The scope of this practice is wide, with our experience ranging from working in small practices to large hospitals, broadening medical knowledge and experience. We have professional contacts with a variety of local Consultants and Specialists, and are able to identify if clients require onward referral.

All Physiotherapists are required to partake in Continuous Professional Development and will be up to date with the latest research and evidence, with many undertaking extensive post-graduate training in areas such as acupuncture, Pilates, biomechanics and sports medicine. Finally, their qualifications, training and skills are recognised by health insurance companies who are willing to endorse and fund Physiotherapy.

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What’s involved?

An initial assessment will help us to determine your problem and develop a treatment plan, which will be implemented in follow-up appointments, the number and duration will be dependent on each individual’s situation.

We do this by:

  • Listening & questioning – to find out what is wrong, how it is affecting you, why the problem may be happening, and what your expectations are for recovery.
  • Examining – the way you move, as well as testing certain structures (joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves).
  • Explaining – our findings, what we consider to be the problem, reasons why, and how problems can be resolved.
  • Treating – through a combination of manual (hands-on) therapy and exercise rehabilitation, based on pathology, history, severity and irritability of symptoms.
  • Advising – on measures to enhance recovery and rehab, and minimise chances of reoccurrence.

Our job is to help you understand the problem, as well provide treatment for your recovery!

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